If you were looking forward to more Curb Your Enthusiasm at some point in your lifetime, bad news: Larry David isn't sure if there will be more episodes. Like, ever. 

Speaking to reporters at the TCAs yesterday, David said he's "indecisive" about making a ninth season of his hit HBO series: "I don't know. I really don't know. I couldn't say. Ask me in six months," he said. "I'm just an indecisive fella. You should see me at a restaurant."

Does it take him two years to decide at a restaurant, too? Because that's how long it's been since the last new Curb episode. Two years. Two whole years. The season eight finale, which featured Michael J. Fox and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg playing themselves, would be a great ending to the series, but we're not ready to see this show end yet. No one prepared for this reality! 

David has, of course, been busy with his other HBO endeavor: A film that will air on the premium cable next month called Clear History. In it, David actually plays a character who isn't a exagerrated version of himself, but it still has that distinct Curb feel nonetheless. That will co-star Jon HammBill Hader, Michael Keaton, Amy Ryan, Eva Mendes, and Danny McBride, and will premiere on August 10. Since it might be all we get, we should all just enjoy it. 

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[via Vulture]