How much is too much information? When Jay-Z announced he would be releasing the first million copies of his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, via a Samsung-exclusive app, he forgot to mention that the electronics company would also want all of your information. 

This morning Killer Mike tweeted an image of the "app permissions" you will have to allow Samsung before downloading. Aside from providing your age, Facebook or Twitter info, and email, the app asks for access to:

- Storage
- System Tools

- Your Location
- Network Communications
- Phone Calls

- Development Tools
- Hardware Controls
- Your Account 

Granted most apps ask for your location and storage information, it's rare we see one ask for access to your phone calls. Does Hov really need to know who we've been talking to? Nah, b. Or as Complex's Lauren Nostro put it: "Giving any app that much access besides Candy Crush is just forbidden."