If you thought kids snorting condoms was outrageous, just know that it has absolutely nothing on this. According to the August issue of Pediatrics, there have been three separate cases of teenage boys accidentally inhaling homemade blowgun darts while trying to create large enough breaths to propel them. Hasn't anyone told these kids not to put foreigh, metallic objects in their mouths?

All three boys say they located instructions for assembling blowguns and darts online, because you can find anything online, wrote the sudy's co-author, Kris Jatana. However, the homemade darts lacked a guard to prevent them from slipping into the back of the mouth. 

Jatana said over 20 such websites were found, but only a few had sufficient safety guidelines. Though the darts were removed with bronchoscope and optical graspers, he mentioned that swallowing these darts could be potentially fatal. Apparently, the kids weren't forthcoming with information about their injuries from the jump. If they had escalated to internal bleeding and airway obstruction, the teens might not have been as fortunate. 

Don't put sharp things in your mouths, kids. It's not worth the thrill.

[via USA Today]