If you're not a 14-year-old girl, you probably just skimmed over yesterday's news that Justin Bieber got a new tattoo. Big deal—some kid who happens to be a successful recording artist got a new tattoo. Why should anyone care?

Because: That new tattoo is of an eye—specifically meant to represent his mother Pattie Mallette's eye. As we reported yesterday, Bieber unveiled the new art on his Instagram along with the caption, "@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching ;)." A little creepy, but not as much as it is when you consider what he did after stopping by NYC's Bang Bang TattoosAccording to the New York Post, the underage Bieber hit up a few clubs in the city before reportedly ending his night by bringing two girls back to his hotel room to "party." Probably naked. Let's not be naïve.

A few things to consider:

Bieber's tattoo is representative of his mother's eye, because she's "always watching." In an interview with MTV News, Bieber's tattoo artist, Bang Bang, explained what the tattoo is specifically of:

"The photo used to design the tat isn't of Mallette's actual eye — it's a piece of photography they both liked. "It was a model, photograph, the anatomy of an eye. Great photography translates to really good tattooing, so [we] just [used] his mom for inspiration," he said, adding, "He always wants to think of his mom. He's like the rest of us: We're all mama's boys."

Well, it's a good thing that he didn't have the tattoo that one time when he "relieved himself" in a restaurant mop bucket, shouted "fuck Bill Clinton," and sprayed a picture of the former president with cleaning fluids, 'cause that would have been awkward. But this is pretty bad too—Bieber went out and got a tattoo that represents his mother's eye on his elbow, proclaimed it was because "he always wants to think of his mom," then he picked up two girls right after and took them back to his hotel room. Do you think he kept his elbow bent the entire time (thus "closing" his mother's eye to all the sex he was having)? Probably not! Freud is spinning in his grave right now.

He got the tattoo on the inside of his elbow, which is a known erogenous zone. Considering the tattoo symbolizes his mother, it falls under just the type of developmental sexual fixation that Freud wrote about. The oral, anal, phallic, latent, and genital stages? Sure, a tattoo of something representing one's mother is generally just to pay tribute to her awesomeness, but in this case, the placement right over the part of a body that is known for causing sexual arousal plays more into Freud's theory about the first sexual development stage, oral—when the child is still fixated on "nursing" at his mother's side. Also supporting this theory: Back in January of this year, reports surfaced that Bieber had cheated on his longtime girlfriend, Selena Gomez (SURPRISE), with a 22-year-old nursing student-turned-Bad Girls Club cast member Mimi Jensen. From Grantland:

"He started kissing her cheek and ear and neck and then her whole body. After removing Mimi's pants and shirt, remaining fully dressed himself and taking off only his hat — Justin then proceeded to perform oral sex on her for almost an hour." [...]

"Mimi desperately wanted to take things further, but Justin ended things abruptly after the oral sex. He seemed out of it."

Freud's description of adults still stuck in the oral stage of sexual development includes psychological symptoms ranging from an obsession with nail biting to frequent oral sex practices. THINK ABOUT IT. Also, when he was being inked, he reportedly requested that Bang Bang "hurry up," because it hurt. No, we won't take that further. Too easy.

In some cultures, anything representative of an eye is meant to ward off evil energy. Bieber got his tattoo of his mother's eye, however, which takes this all just a step further. Mothers are seen as providers of everything in the eyes of their children, from protection to nourishment to life. Speaking to MTV News, Bieber's tattoo artist Bang Bang explained:

"It felt like a good spot for it to sit for him. I didn't feel like it was bizarre at all, people often get an eye to symbolize many things. For him, it was just like his mother watching over, kind of like a protective thing. It's totally from mama. We were talking about how we both have tattoos for our mothers and how it's something you'll never regret."

When people get something representative of an eye to symbolize a greater power "watching over" them, the eye generally isn't given an identity. Specifying who the eye belongs to introduces entirely new meaning—and Bieber saying it's his mother's almost makes it seem like he's seeking out approval of some sort, like she'll always be watching, and judging. 

Of course, it's possible that Bieber's tattoo is just that—a tattoo. But that's no fun, is it?

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