Summer is heating up, Fourth of July weekend is upon us, and here you are, still without a lady. Fear not, you have ample time to bag yourself a short term summer flame who will lead you to burst into songs of joyful reflection after the summer comes to an end and you go your separate ways (okay, so maybe my sisters watched way too much Grease when we were growing up). One of the reasons you might still be missing out on that summer lovin' is that you are likely looking for love in all the wrong places. Beaches, bars, and rooftop parties are packed with people looking to hook-up: it's hard to walk into these spots, let alone spit game in any of these cliche summer pick-up locales.

This summer, we encourage you to broaden your horizons. What better place to look for the love of your life the next two months than at a barbecue? You might think that burgers and seven-layer dip aren't exactly the ideal components of romance. Oh, how wrong you are. When the steam rises from the grill, the tiki torches are lit, and those little umbrellas are placed in the daiquiris, there is no more romantic locale. But beware: the rules of attraction are a little bit different at a barbecue. Seducing a woman between a Weber Grill and a picnic table is far different than buying her a drink at the bar or approaching her on the dance floor. Luckily for you, we have ample experience sweeping women off of their feet even though we have a deep red sauce stain on our white t-shirt. Pull up a lawn chair, put that beer in a cozy, and don't touch the deviled eggs because they've been out in the sun too long: This is our Guide to Picking Up Women at A Summer BBQ.