Where: Germany
Address: Stralauer Allee 3
Website: nhow-hotels.com/berlin
Sexiest feature: The recording studio

Want to live out all your rock star/groupie fantasies? Nhow Berlin caters to that in extravagant form. The hotel calls itself Europe's first music hotel and is probably modeled after hotels like the Hard Rock, but instead of being littered with rock paraphernalia it's decorated in a modern, dynamic style as fluid and graphic as an iPod ad. Fittingly, iPod docs are included in every vibrantly-appointed room and there is a music manager on staff for all your sonic needs. Which at Nhow Berlin is a lot. The hotel regularly houses famous musicians on tour, but it also has two high-end recording studios where names like Erykah Badu and Jessie J have worked. For songwriters, you can order a keyboard or a guitar from the super solicitous room service in case you feel inspired. The hotel claims to be located between MTV and Universal, making it a great place for music professionals, but also for kinky weirdoes that like to pretend their music's hottest new sex symbol or get off on pretending their an up-and-coming rock star to clueless locals.