Developers of Sven Co-Op, a fifteen-year-old but regularly updated and played mod, that allows gamers to play the original Half-Life with friends online have announced that the will be releasing a free standalone version via Steam. Featuring a specially made Half-Life engine and tons of improvements over the original.

In a post published on the mod's official website the team revealed that Valve will not only put Sven Co-Op on Steam as a separate game (with the original Half-Life campaign included), but will also give them access to original game engine and its expansions for Opposing Force and Blue Shift. Allowing developers to create even more interesting co-op experiences.

There is no current release date for the standalone Sven Co-Op, but the developers have assured us that "more news and progress updates will be posted in the near future." We can't wait to jump back into our favorite old game and get cracking at some headcrabs. Have an original disk of Half-Life around? Then try the mod out now.

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[Via Kotaku]