Hollywood producers are all about putting the money into the properties with the greatest chance of return. Apparently Dana Brunetti and Mike De Luca, producers of Fifty Shades of Grey, have picked up Gran Turismo as Sony's next hot film adaptation.

According the The Wrap, car movies are a hot property right now. Dreamworks just wrapped Need for Speed starring Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, while Legendary Pictures is eyeing Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Simon Crane to direct a Hot Wheels movie.

Like those franchises Gran Turismo has huge brand recognition and will try to distinguish itself amongst the flood of car themed films that will be premiering at about the same time.

Don't like car movies? Well you can thank all people who won’t admit that they saw The Fast and Furious 6, someone did, because that film grossed $712 million and is partly responsible for spurring on all this Hollywood speculation.

We always thought Gran Turismo had become more of a driving simulator and less of a game, being that is has no real plot or storyline, but that shouldn’t stop Hollywood from adding some terrorists or Transformers or whatever the committee thinks. Gran Turismo 6, the game, is expected to drop later this year on PlayStation 3.

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[Via TheWrap]

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