A few days ago, Google released its first ad for the Moto X smartphone, Motorola's first phone built entirely under Google's supervision. In the ad, Google didn't include specific details, but touted the device as the world's "first smartphone you can design yourself." Well, according to reports, the "design" only goes in so far as choosing your phone's color and picking an engraving to go along with it. 

If that last option sounds familiar, that's because Apple has offered that option for years now for iPods, iPhones and iPads that are ordered online. Yet, since Google's new factory will be in Texas, American customers will be able to use their customized phones with little wait time. So far, it looks like Moto X owners will be able to choose the color of the phone's backplate and front plate, as well as choose their phone's background image by uploading a picture to the phone's site (but let's hope you'll be able to do that anyway, with or without the site). The news is a huge bummer to those who thought Google's ad implied that customers would be able to customize much more of the phone, like the processor or memory. The phone will come with different storage options, though, the report confirms.

Meanwhile, a leaked photo may show what the backplate of the Moto X may look like, which you can check out here. Let down by the customization options, or are they right in line with what you thought?

[via ABC News]