Pretty soon you'll be able to enjoy some supercharged Wi-Fi while getting your caffeine fix at Starbucks, courtesy of Google. 

Starbucks just announced that it's booting AT&T from its Wi-Fi contract and is opting with Google Wi-Fi—which is said to be up to 10 times faster than what you're used to at America's favorite coffee joint. For the next year and a half, Starbucks will be upgrading 7,000 stores across the country, with stores that use the most Wi-Fi getting upgraded first.

"When you start getting to really, really fast speeds, it's difficult to put it in the same way everywhere," says Starbucks Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman. "Instead of finding one common denominator, we're saying, no, let's upgrade everything. It some case, it will be faster than 10-times, sometimes slower."

With Google recently announcing that they're bringing internet to 31 San Francisco parks, it looks like they're gearing up for a Wi-Fi take over.

Starbucks customers, brace yourselves: get rady for an influx of "screenwriters" and "novelists" like never before. 

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[via CNET]