Google officially announced Android 4.3 today in San Francisco, and Jelly Bean is getting a slew of new improvements and features. 

This new version of Android is shipping with the updated Nexus 7, which will be out this coming Tuesday. So, what can users expect? Well, there's a redesigned camera interface, performance upgrades, and Bluetooth Low Energy support—which will come in handy when trying to save power while connected to Bluetooth devices. Also, users can access notifications from the Android status bar. 

For parents, Android 4.3 is coming with restricted profiles, which will prevent kids from making in-app purchases and driving up their bill. This is possible through a new multi-user system Google is implementing, that allows for multiple people to share the same device.

For developers, there is now OpenGL ES 3.0 support (OpenGL is a programming interface for computer graphics), which means customers will soon experience better looking games. This is could go in as far as lens flares, reflections, and more natural shadows in 1080p. Hey, life's in the details. 

Starting today, Android 4.3 will come to the Nexus 4, Nexus 10, the older Nexus 7, and the Galaxy Nexus. HTC One and Galaxy S4 editions will be coming soon. 

[via TechCrunch]