There have been reports that Google is in talks to give Google Glass a more fashionable look someday down the line. Since Google Glass hasn't even been released to the public yet, a stylish pair of Glass could be far away.

That's why San Francisco design and development firm Sourcebits rendered their own images of what they think Google Glass should one day look like. The company recently got their hands on a few pairs of Glass, and weren't impressed by Google's cyborg-like design. "We thought it was too futuristic and didn't have a mainstream appeal," said Rahul Nihalani, product director at Sourcebits. "We thought we could do a better job."


So they stuck Google's gears in thick, black frames—a hipsterish take on one of the primary achievements of technology in this decade. Say what you will, but this beats looking like you walked out of Terminator:

Sourcebits' design wouldn't work now, since it would require Google to compress some of their technology into a much tighter space, but it could be something feasible when the technology advances. "In a couple of years this is definitely where Google Glass could end up," Nihalani said. 

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[via Los Angeles Times]

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