Gearbox software, recent developers of the amazing Borderlands series and the lackluster Aliens: Colonial Marines, must be doing something right because their acquisition of Relic Entertainment's classic real-time strategy Homeworld is the smartest remake news we’ve heard all year.

Winning out a tight bidding process, as THQ was collapsing earlier this year, Gearbox's Chief Creative Officer Brian Martel spearheaded the effort to acquire the series out of his personal love and respect for the games.

During the PAX Australia Gearbox panel Martel explained why he pushed for the titles:

"This is one of those games that for me sort of moved me as [a] brand. I was impressed with the story and it had some of the best spaceships that I have ever seen, outside of Star Wars," Martel told the audience. "It was that part of it that meant something to me, so I really thought that we should get it out there for the rest of the world. And a lot of folks haven't had a chance to play it, it has only been on DVD or CD, it has not ever been released digitally."

As for the future of Homeworld, Martel explains that Gearbox plans to put a fresh coat of paint on the original. Updating the ships and effects to make it look as amazing and up to next-generation expectation as it was when originally released in 2003.

Gearbox will release a HD remake of the original two games for PC. The two classics will also launch on digital distribution platforms in their original form for those who miss the vintage versions.

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[Via Polygon]