The only thing lower than breaking up with someone via text is a firing-by-text. For unknown reasons, Gregory Kennedy opted to close his Barducci's Italian Bistro in Orlando. Rather than be a stand-up guy and inform his staff face-to-face, he sent a mass text to the entire team which read "I unfortunately need to inform you that I have been forced to close Barducci's effective immediately."

Not the text you want to get on your day off.

Employees were pissed. “I think it's despicable. I think it's cowardice,” said cook Jodi Jackson. “I think we all deserve our compensation for money he's already made from us.” Kennedy explainied to WFTVvia textthat he was "working to resolve issues including final paychecks as quickly as possible."

[via Gawker and WFTV]

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