Electronic Arts announced today that FIFA 13 gamers will be able to vote a Major League Soccer player into the last open spot on the 2013 All-Star team by scoring goals with their forward of choice.

From noon ET today, July 3, through noon ET July 10, any goals scored with one of the 26 candidates will count as a vote for that player. This applies for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC versions of the game.

MLS fans were able to vote for 10 of the 11 All-Star slots through social media and the league's website which is nothing new for sports. Major League Baseball has been using online voting for more than a decade, but this is the first in-game process to pick a player. EA and MLS say this is the first partnership of its kind for a professional sports league. The first 10 players will be announced July 7, during a halftime of the Chicago Fire-Sporting Kansas City match and the highest scoring forward from FIFA 13 players to be revealed on July 10.

The use of gameplay to choose a team member is very promising for the integration of real-world and virtual sports. Who wouldn't play their heart out to get their Madden NFL 25: Playbook ultimate team in the super bowl?

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[Via EASports]