Fez creator Phil Fish announced on Twitter that his mind-bending puzzle adventure smash Fez is getting patched on Xbox Live, something Fish himself had reportedly all but given up on.

Fish has had a tempestuous relationship with Microsoft since Fez release, when a bug appeared that left less than one percent of players unable to complete the game. After Microsoft’s initial patch hit – at the time company policy was that indie developers had to shell out thousands if their games needed more than one patch – it broke Fez even further, souring relations when the company told Fish to pony up the cash himself while seemingly indefinitely leaving the game in a questionable state for players. Fez was later released on Steam.

Fish recently lashed out at the company again following a policy change that no longer charged indie developers to patch their games, saying “I doubt [the policy] will be retroactive.”

Judging from his Tweet, it looks like that’s no longer the case. Might this mean Fez 2 could still come to Xbox One? (We doubt it.)

Via Twitter