What happens when two phone companies interact with each other over social media? Probably not what you'd expect. 

When Twitter user @UnofficialAk sent out this tweet: "@o2 and @tescomobile should have a rap battle," to the Twitter accounts of O2 and Tesco—two mobile companies based in the United Kingdom—he ignited the Twitter rap battle of all Twitter rap battles, with @tescomobile striking first: 

Then O2 came back with a right hook, that sort of missed but whatever:

Then, with some moves that would make Dr. Suess turn in his grave, Tesco and O2 traded back-to-back jabs that included rhyming "rap" with "chat" and "bars" with "scars."

Shaking in your boots yet? Well, Tesco picks up the pace and calls out O2 for their late rhyme, 'cause you know it was time:

Tesco won that one. Not because their rhyme was dope. Let's get that out of the way. They won by default: "...in the land of the zZz's?" What in the...?! 

O2 redeemed themselves here (they probably sent a memo to everyone in the office at this point to bring someone off the bench to replace the other dude).


Okay, heat's a little turned up here! (To about room temperature. Not warm yet. Just a little better than ice cold.)


"You've been served," though? Sigh.

So, it ends not with a bang, but a whimper—and a few laughs at their expense, in between. Who do you think won? Can American phone companies beat the Brits at this rap game? We're looking at you, Boost Mobile.