In a city filled with thousands of restaurants devoted to every imaginable cuisine, some would say it's blasphemy to visit a chain. But those people, with their pretentious, sheltered tastebuds, would be severely misguided. Even the most devoted fine diner knows there are times for tasting menus, and there are time for take downs; times to try new things, and times when you need something deliciously predictable, i.e. a chain.

There is a special place in our hearts for the heavy feeling and residual self-loathing we get after consuming a tray full of fried food. It's a unique bliss, which is why it pains us to think there are chains out there we haven't conquered yet.

Our desires have been stirred, and we refuse to be toyed with any longer. NYC, we demand that you provide us with the following chain restaurants, now, or we will Occupy McDonalds and riot for the rights of our fast food equality. You don't want to see us famished and fiesty, trust that.

Here are the Fast Food Chains that NYC Needs ASAP.

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