Yesterday, at the Casual Connect conference in San Francisco, social media behemoth, Facebook, announced that they'll begin placing a focus on encouraging indie game developers to publish their mobile titles through Facebook. It's reported that companies like Brainbow, Kiwi, and Space Ape have already signed on to the effort.

Facebook's intentions with the endeavor seem pretty well-placed too, as the company will reportedly be looking to use their enormous user base to the advantage of smaller video game developers who would have difficulty tapping into this market otherwise. In Facebook's own words, the venture into mobile gaming is "a new pilot program to help small and medium-sized developers take their mobile games global."

Of course, that doesn't mean that Facebook doesn't stand to gain anything from this partnership. The company will be asking for a small percentage of the dollars that each individual game makes, specifically from the in-app purchase money that they generate. This revenue share will be received in exchange for advertising the games to Facebook users. 

So make no mistake about it: this is definitely a case of the rich getting richer. But it's nice to see them extend their hand out to the little guy here too. A win for everyone, it seems. 

[via TechCrunch]

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