When a 7-year Facebook veteran founds his own startup, expect something cool. Ari Steinberg recently unveiled Vamo, a one-stop shop to ease all your travel-planning frustrations. He's already raised $1.6 million.
The Seattle-based, Stanford alum and former engineer at Facebook left the company last October to explore the rest of the world, only to find out that booking travel was more pain than pleasure. 
“It’s a full weekend-long operation just to pull all the pieces together to plan a trip. How long? Where am I going? How long am I staying there? How do I get from place to place? The whole process is really difficult,” Steinberg said. "Isolated, each piece is easy to plan. But since all the parts are tied together, making the best decision on all of them simultaneously is a huge challenge for our brains. Which dates do you prefer? When is the hotel you want available? When are the flights the cheapest?" 
Steinberg said the basis of Vamo is called a "constraint satisfaction problem," which is a solution that requires engineering work on mega data, algorithms, scalability and distributed systems.
And for those who understand the above tech terms—Vamo is hiring. Steinberg is recruiting a team of elite engineers and programmers. Apply away!

[via TechCrunch]

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