First of all, let’s all give Alan Young – the voice of Scrooge McDuck (and who I would in later life realize was, much earlier in his career, the actor who played Wilbur in Mr. Ed) a huge round of applause – for coming back to the do the voicework for remake of Capcom’s DuckTales. Y’know, along with the entire rest of the original cast of the series. Hats off all around.

Anyway, this trailer shows off some of the Himayalas level of the game, which looks like a good adaptation of what the stage looked like in the original NES game. (The game is also quite responsive, thankfully, meaning the tight platforming is pretty well intact.) Are you still excited for DuckTales? Of course you are. It wasn’t your favorite Disney cartoon growing up for nothing.

At any rate, this is more proof the game is in good hands. The only bummer here is that the dev team didn’t have the budget to do full-blown Disney-quality animation (with moving mouths.)

Via Youtube