A confessed killer said he fashioned a bat that was inspired by the game Dead Rising 2 as one of the weapons used in the murder of his father.

The heir to his father’s fortune, and avid gamer, Andreu Tur Coll, 18, confessed to the killing that has left Spain riveted since the gruesome murder on June 30.

As reported in El Mundo Andreu Tur Coll admitted to the killing with the aid of his older accomplice Francisoco Zaragoza. The two were avid gamers who met while playing Call of Duty together.

Together the two used a spiked bat, with three nails about four inches long, a vase, a hammer, and a large speaker to bludgeon Andreu's father to death. Police report that the victim was hit with the spiked bat at least 40 times.

Motive? Money would see to be the obvious motive. Andreu Tur Coll's father had recently made him the sole heir to his 50 million euro fortune amassed from the sale of arcade and gambling video consoles. The two plotted the murder for some time and at one point, allegedly slipping huge doses of sleeping pills into a cake.

Trace amounts of blood tied the two to the killing even after they extensively cleaned and staged the crime scene to look like a robbery. They were both arrested shortly after the funeral.

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