The new trailer for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate shows off a series of high-speed character engagements in breakable and interactive environments, including getting face-palmed by a huge Buddha statue.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate adds new modes like Team Fight and Survival and will feature a ton of new costume packs to dress up your female fighters for those who pre-order at Gamestop and Amazon. Tutorial modes will also be heavily featured to get you in fighting shape so you can master the combos and tag tricks famous in the series.

The trailer also features some of the new characters: Leon, Momiji and Rachel from the Ninja Gaiden series, and Jacky Bryant from Sega's Virtual Fighter series are all included.

Watching trailers with scantily clad digital women whimpering while being punched in the gut doesn't exactly give use good vibrations. Just remember these ladies can kick butt too; It's only a shame we didn't get some bunny suits for the male characters, now that's entertainment.

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[Via Polygon]