As Reggie Brown, an alleged co-founder who was unceremoniously booted from Snapchat, takes the other two co-founders to court, new court documents reveal the hilarious 'certified bro' language they used while creating the notorious photo-deletion app.

Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegal, along with Reggie Brown, were brothers of Kappa Sigma at Stanford. When they started piecing together the app, which was then called Picaboo, the guys weren't excited about changing the world through an app—their attention was on the girls who'd be using it. 


Also, the guys were just like anyone else at the time, so useless hashtags in texts were a common thing: 


Funny, because Evan and Bobby would go on to celebrate to the tune of millions of dollars without Reggie, after they got into a little argument. With an app that is now infamous for sexting, is it a total shocker it was created by self-described 'certified bros'?

Dream big.