Startup tech culture is often morally bankrupt and entirely too focused on bullshit that only rich people care about. I think we can all agree on that, yeah? Like, the world doesn't need another car sharing service (or helicopter sharing service or jet sharing service for that matter). Conversely, we can also zoom in so much on Big Problems—think the stuff you hear trickling out of TED—that it overlooks, well, big problems. That is, technology often fails to address the problems that plague society and yet counterintuitively aren't as noticeable as, say, clean energy or malaria. And that's exactly why this essay from C.Z. Nnaemeka struck me more than pretty much any other story I've read this year. It's a call to arms to focus on the "unexotic underclass." Think veterans, single moms, Native Americans, the poor of Appalachia and Alabama. The tech industry loves to talk about how it's changing the world. Well. Pony the fuck up. You don't even have to travel very far to make it happen. Odds are, the unexotic underclass are all around you, right now. —Mat Honan, Wired (@mat