Ilove a lot of what the Daily Dot has been doing lately. They've got a lot of fun weird stuff that no one else is talking about, like this story about the Domino's pizza tracker webcam. This story is a wonderful tale of how Gaby Dunn got obsessed with the Domino's webcam that shows making pizzas in an undisclosed store location, calling every store in the area until she found it. Just imagining someone calling all those Domino's is hilarious to me. The fact that this is all sort of in the service of trolling a corporate marketing stunt warms my little heart a bit. This is fun and a little stupid but it's also a lovely personal journey of one woman's dream of getting watching her exact personalized pizza get made in a Utah Dominos - far enough away she can never even taste the fruits of her labor - over a webcam. It's just wonderful. —Katie Notopoulos, BuzzFeed (@katienotopoulos)