Neil Gaiman’s Sandman may be one of the most successful comic books of the last 25 years, but it has yet to be adapted into a film like so many of its contemporaries. It’s not for a lack of trying, though. All throughout the ‘90s, Warner Bros. was trying to find a way to bring Morpheus and the other Endless to the screen by commissioning various scripts from writers like Roger Avary, Ted Elliot, and Terry Rossio.

There were various drafts and scripts written for Sandman over the years, with plenty coming close to development. However, the studio has yet to truly understand the source material, and it has since stayed in development hell waiting for someone with the vision to pursue it.

Luckily, DC Entertainment President, Diane Nelson, said recently that a Sandman movie is one of the company’s top priorities. She even went as far as to compare the franchise's potential to that of Harry Potter. And with a new Sandman comic miniseries coming out this fall, we're convinced that the studio is testing the waters for a movie in the near future.