A few years before Joss Whedon unleashed The Avengers on the world, Warner Bros. was all set to go with its own superhero ensemble piece in Justice League: Mortal. Directed by George Miller, this movie had Batman (Armie Hammer), Superman (D.J. Cotrona), Aquaman (Santiago Cabrera), The Flash (Adam Brody), Wonder Woman (Megan Gale), and the Green Lantern (Common) teaming up to stop Talia al Ghul (Teresa Palmer) and the insidious billionaire Maxwell Lord (Jay Baruchel).

This movie wasn’t just in the beginning stages of production, either; costumes were made, sets were being built, and the script was pretty much finalized. The movie would have dealt with Talia and Lord killing the original Flash, and then gunning after the rest of the League after hacking into Batman’s security systems. It was on the fast track to a summer 2009 release date until everything just stopped dead after the writer’s strike of 2008.

Millions of dollars were lost in pre-production costs and the movie was put on indefinite hold, even after the strike ended. Budget concerns played a big factor in the movie’s death, but Christopher Nolan was also said to be a little ticked that the movie would be taking elements of his Batman movies without his permission, including the Talia al Ghul angle.

Thankfully, Mortal’s demise meant that Nolan’s Dark Knight series continued without issue. We can’t say that the idea of a grim and violent Justice League movie directed by the man who brought us Mad Max doesn’t sound intriguing, though.