As Warner Bros. tried to find the Dark Knight's right direction in the early 2000s, one idea that was seriously considered was a live-action adaptation of the animated series Batman Beyond. Like the cartoon, the movie version would have focused on Terry McGinnis taking over the Batman mantle while being mentored by a geriatric Bruce Wayne. Instead of donning a cape and cowl, though, this version of the character was set to sport a futuristic bat suit, complete with rocket boots and a flying Batmobile.

The studio hired two of the show’s co-creators, Paul Dini and Alan Burnett, to write the script, while Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans) signed on to direct and tighten the story. However, the studio was more interested in a traditional Batman movie, rather than a futuristic upgrade, and the project quickly fell apart.

To this day, fans still hold out hope that WB will eventually push a version of Beyond forward. With Christopher Nolan basically saying all that ever needs to be said about the traditional version of the character on the screen, we see no reason why WB executives can’t dust off this concept for a fresh take on Batman.