In her quest to become New York City's new mayor, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has shared plans to alter the nutritional standards for children's meals at chain restaurants across the city. The New York Post reports that Quinn wants children's meals to adhere to the same federal standards as school lunchesless than 650 calories, 740 mg of sodium and 7.2 grams of saturated fat

While explaining her plan, Quinn targeted Applebees' grilled cheese and fries meal, which packs 1,210 calories, 2,340 mg of sodium and 21 grams of saturated fat. “We’re telling these restaurants that when you’re marketing something to children, you’re sending a message to parents that this meal is good for children,” she said. “It doesn’t mean they can’t sell it, but if you’re going to say, ‘This is a meal for children,’ you have to make sure it meets the kind of health standards we want for children." 

Quinn's plan would only apply to chains with at least 15 locations in the city. 

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