During the 19th century, French camera-maker Jules Richard developed the Verascope: a stereoscopic camera that has two or more lenses with separate image sensors or frames for each lens, allowing it to capture 3D images. One of these cameras survived through the ages, and was discovered to contain images of the trenches and battlefields of World War I. 

The Verascope was then owned by the French army, and was recently acquired by A Nerd's World in Canada. The photographs are now on display at the Toronto-based photography studio, where people can experience the images in person through a 3D viewer. If you can't make it to Toronto, you can check out GIF versions of the 3D photographs on the gallery's site, which capture moments of bravery, celebration and camaraderie. We've placed a few of them below, but there are many more to marvel at during one of America's most significant holidays.


[via A Nerd's World]