Last year, we highlighted the beautiful Raichelle Viado as one of our 25 Hottest Import Models Right Now. Raichelle snagged a spot in our top ten which shouldn't be surprising, but what was a surprise was that she's also into video games. We ran into Raichelle a few weeks ago at E3 while checking out the Call of Duty: Ghosts booth where she hung out with everyone waiting in line to get a glimpse at the latest CoD blockbuster. Though not a hardcore gunner, Raichelle does have a true love for the franchise, "I am not a true gamer but I have played CoD before," she admits. "Its pretty exciting!" 

When asked about the sensory overload of the expo, Raichelle said, "Being around a new crowd and being myself at events makes my job easier and extremely fun!" 

If you'd like to keep up with Raichelle, be sure to hit up her Facebook page and give her a follow on Instagram and Vine @helloraichelle.

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