Mortal Kombat Character: Scorpion
Level Of Brutality: 7.8

Of course Scorpion would be in the top five. Originally one of the strongest warriors a part of the Japanese ninja clan, Shirai Ryu, Scorpion would end up becoming a hellspawn revenant, seeking vengeance on those that destroyed his clan and family. Although Scorpion remains a pretty neutral character throughout the series, he's at his most deadly when he's deceived or betrayed. Take his relationship with Quan Chi, for example. Quan Chi leads Scorpion to believe that the Lin Kuei killed his family and clan, when it was actually Chi's doing. Well, Scorpion gets his revenge in the best manner possible. With the help of his clan's spirits, Scorpion burns Chi alive, killing him slowly and painfully. Never get on Scorpion's bad side, guys.