Show: The Killing (AMC)
Date: 6/17/2012

Resolving the central mystery of a series is a good way to get the Twitter spoil machine moving. Unfortunately, this doesn't work very well if the audience has already left the show behind. Loyal viewers of The Killing report one of the most frustrating TV experiences they've ever had. Season one came and went without resolving the central mystery, leaving fans to decide if they were willing to invest in another set of episodes. By the time season two came to an end, many fans were just waiting for sweet release from the clutches of the slow-moving show.

As far as The Killing's Twitter fan base was concerned, the finale could have been called Mercy Killing. Though the complicated cop-out of who "killed" Rosie Larsen was hardly satisfying, many fans were just relieved that they didn't have to watch anymore. We wonder if those who were spoiled on the ending were upset because they had invested so much time only to have the series secret ruined for them, or if they were thrilled that they were spared from having to watch the finale to find out what happened.