Show: Dexter (Showtime)
Date: 12/16/2012

"Finally" was a word that kept popping up again and again as fans reacted to the season seven finale of Dexter. After showrunner swaps, up and down seasons, and some frustrating plot arcs, Dexter loyalists finally got a season finale they could get behind. Dexter has been almost as much Deb's (Jennifer Carpenter) story as it has been Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) and fans have long been awaiting the moment when Deb would have to choose between her morality and her brother.

If you don't remember Twitter erupting over the moment, don't worry, neither do we. There are only a few shows that can hold the public consciousness throughout a long series run; not every show can be Breaking Bad or Lost. Though critics and fans have described the seventh season as a "bounce back," many fair-weather fans have long ago bounced away to other shows. For a spoiler to wreak havoc, there have to be people to be spoiled, and we get the sense that most Dexter viewers were either glued to their television, had a pre-existing appointment with their DVR, or didn't much mind being spoiled on a show that for them had been spoiled long ago.