Show: True Blood (HBO)
Date: 8/26/2012

One way to combat Twitter spoilers is to engineer a plot so convoluted that even  viewers don't understand what's going on. True Blood has made a sport out of creating the most absurd, Rube Goldberg Machine-style plotting possible ever since the series left behind the Sookie-Bill love story that most viewers (who hadn't seen The Southern Vampire Mysteries, the novels on which the show is based) thought would drive the series. The fifth season was no exception. Bill (Stephen Moyer) completed his transformation from everyone's favorite character besides Lafayette (Nelsan Ellise) to everyone's least favorite character besides Tara (Rutina Wesley) as he embraced vampiric fundamentalism.

It looked like Vampire Bill's time might be up as he melted, Wicked Witch of the West style into a blood puddle. Longtime True Blood fans know better than to believe that the show would actually kill off a major character. As usual, a supernatural contrivance kept Bill alive to continue saying "Sookie" like no one else can. The resulting tweets were attempts at spoilers that weren't even spoilers at all. Some claimed that Bill "died," which isn't true, while others tried to describe the events of the story, but found that even 1,400 characters wouldn't have been enough to accurately describe what happened. For all the negative things you can say about True Blood these days, we'll go ahead and throw one positive in there: it's a tough show to spoil, no matter how hard you try.