Before this week, Toronto's favorite low-light crooner, Abel Tesfaye aka the Weeknd, had never given out an interview, instead opting to cultivate his mysterious image through a combination of his own secrecy and simply allowing Internet speculation to run wild. Now, though, Tesfaye has finally come to clear away the fog and meet the press, making this week's cover with an interview conducted by contributing writer, Damien Scott. Though he claims to be "the most boring person to talk to," Tesfaye proves to be anything but in a piece that's essential for those looking to learn more about the contemporary R&B and hip-hop scene as well as the thought process behind the singer's smoky, heartbroken aesthetic.

As if one, exclusive interview wasn't enough, though, Finn Cohen of Music also sat down with the incarcerated Harlem rapper, Max B, to discuss the circumstances of his arrest that led to a 75-year prison sentence. Revered by his New York colleagues like French Montana and Roc Marciano, B touches on everything from the trappings of celebrity to life as an inmate, detailing the crucial moments in which his artistic persona of Max B began to overtake the true Charley Wingate. Read it now here.