Jay Z's career is the quintessential rags to riches tale; the story of a man who has lived through some of the lowest lows, yet somehow beat the odds to become one of America's richest artists and entrepreneurs. As of late, though, his never-ending quest for the almighty dollar has earned him more than a few detractors, with some critics noting that the hustle-hard mentality that once allowed him to beat the Man has, in a sense, now made him become the Man. Admittedly, yes, shilling apps for Samsung is less than artistically pure, but after you read Andrew Rice's profile of Mr. Carter, you'll realize that you still really can't do anything but respect Hov. Wildly successful, and constantly prepared, Jay Z has been writing the #newrules in business and hip-hop for years now, and in the process has managed "to transcend the artistic and land on being a lifestyle brand." Clap for him.