If you haven’t seen the “Amy’s Baking Company” episode of Kitchen Nightmares yet, this is an order: Stop whatever you’re doing right now, and click this link.

Yes, Samy and Amy are possibly the two vilest people to ever grace the airwaves on a reality television show. They so were unimaginably insane, it’s a wonder their business didn’t close years before Chef Gordon Ramsay was ever called in to help “save” it. In the aforementioned episode, we’re introduced to Samy and Amy, who claim that their restaurant is flawless, but due to online bullies, they’re losing business and money.

As Gordon Ramsay comes to find out, however, their food is not flawless. They’re just yelling at and kicking out anyone who complains about the dishes in the restaurant. Furthermore, and perhaps most shocking, they don’t let the waitresses take home any tips, and Samy won’t allow any of the staff to touch the cash register other than himself. When Ramsay attempts to rehabilitate the restaurant, Amy and Samiy cause multiple, massive scenes.

In the end, Ramsay decides to leave. It’s not worth helping them if he’s running the risk of being stabbed by one of Amy’s butcher knives.

Due to the insanity, the episode received a massive amount of coverage across the Internet, and was only exacerbated when the two had a breakdown on Facebook and started threatening to call the cops on anyone who badmouthed their food online. It’s the most attention an episode of Kitchen Nightmares has ever received, and for that, we think Samy and Amy deserve a tiny bit of cred—yes, they’re crazy and everything, but they’re also already winning at reality television. Just try and deny you wouldn’t watch a whole show starring these two. Amy even already has a criminal record, so she's got a headstart to being a true reality star!