The cast of the UK’s Geordie Shore is comprised of some of the most annoying individuals ever seen on reality television.

This is precisely what makes them some of the best reality stars on TV this year: They’re so terrible, you cannot help but hate-watch. We first told you about England’s Jersey Shore counterparts back in 2011, when the show premiered on MTV UK—the show mirrored Jersey Shore enough for MTV to claim it as a spinoff, but even we couldn’t have predicted that one day the antics of Newcastle’s finest would surpass that of Snooki and co. in terms of trashy goodness. Yes, Geordie Shore is the superior show.

This isn’t completely Jersey Shore’s fault, though; Geordie Shore has the advantage of airing in the UK, where television censors are far more lax. That means MTV can cram more of the cast’s drunken nights, their ill-intentioned hookups, and massive brawls into one episode than it could in an entire season of Jersey Shore. Everyone seems to know what time it is, and delivers the fights, sex, and rage in steaming heaps.

At least, we hope the members of the cast are self-aware, because if not, their behavior is troubling and someone should go check on them or something.