Why would you get busy in one of the busiest retail stores on Earth? When you don't have any other options, that's when. The Apple Store at Fifth Avenue is open twenty-four hours a day, everyday, so even if you are stumbling back from some fake-ass midtown Irish pub at three in the morning, you can always follow the white fruit-shaped beacon to find your way to a temporary home. Be warned, there aren't many places to get discretely freaky in the Apple Store, except, perhaps behind the Genius Bar. The store is basically a cement dungeon with some sleek wooden tables scattered throughout. The good news is that the overnight crew is so exhausted from working their unpaid dream jobs as actors, dancers, and circus performers that they are too bleary-eyed to care. Sneak into the corner near the iPhone cases, embrace tenderly, and do your thing. We doubt anyone will stop you. If they do try to interrupt you, simply bribe them by agreeing to purchase Apple Care.