This is another one of those tried and true hook-up spots. Dive bars have been the destination for sloppy hook-ups for many years, not because they are at all romantic, but because no one bats an eye at a desperate, messy bar hook-up. The key here is to make sure that the bar is actually a dive and not a bar manufactured to look like a dive. It is difficult to tell simply by looking at the decor; both the genuine article and imitators offer the same wobbly stools and a worn pool table. At a fake dive bar, the beers are two dollars more expensive and the jukebox has top forty offerings, but not much else is different. The bathroom above is from the now defunct Mars Bar, so unfortunately, you won't be able to take your lady to this lovely lavatory for your hook-up. For those seeking a substitute, might we recommend Sophie's, Lucy's or Josie's—basically any bar with a woman's name and taxidermy on the walls in the East Village.