I can't tell you the hours I've wasted looking at vintage arcade cabinets on Ebay. How sick would it be to own the four person co-op cabinet of the X-Men?

It would be so tight, aside from someone having to play as Dazzler. A California start-up (sorry NYC), hopes to deliver the arcade cabinet experience without you having to leave your house. No, it's not another digital distribution platform. Steam is perfect and we all love it.

California-based All You Can Arcade will ship a full-sized arcade cabinet right to your home (or office) for the low price of $75 a month. You'll get a vitnage 80s-90s era cabinet for a whole month to use. Obviously, the system is set to free play and if you get bored of Missile Attack halfway through the month, you can swap it out with another cabinet. 

For $150 you can have two cabinets, or, $225 will get you three for the month. This is so dope and we hope they succeed. We'd love to have a delivery service on speed dial if it means we get to skip having to head to Barcade.

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