The former CEO of the fashion brand and retailer, Yves Saint Laurent, has just been picked up by Apple. The man of the moment, Paul Deneve, will be working as a Vice President directly under Apple CEO Tim Cook on "special projects," though they haven't officially stated what these project will be. 

If you're scratching your head as to why Apple would pick up someone from the fashion industry, you may only have to look in one direction: the iWatch. We totally expect Apple to be able to piece together a smartwatch, but they might need some advice when it comes to marketing, stylizing, and making it hip. This is territory they haven't yet ventured into. Carrying around a phone in your pocket is different than having an expensive watch that is expected to go with at least 90-percent of the outfits you have. Deneve may be able to bring something cool to the table where most other CEOs couldn't.

[via 9to5Mac]