Game that spawned them: Final Fantasy VII

For a ninja princess, and thief, Yuffie does an awful lot of crying and whining in Final Fantasy VII.

If you have the displeasure of actually accepting her into your group – let's face it, we all did – you get treated to her hyperactive teenage tendencies and thieving ways. Granted the Final Fantasy series is rife with annoying characters and most, unfortunately, are skewed to the female persuasion.

Yuffie holds a special place in our hearts because she'll cause you to get decent missions and potentially get you lots of experience but steals all your magical materia and proceeds to ask double questions and follow you around nagging. While other party members are good for a bad quip or a knock-kneed crying spell, Yuffie is out to get you.

So aside from being overly cheerful and annoyingly perky, her stealing all your goodies can end up causing way more damage to your game by limiting your magic and offers exactly nothing to the gameplay or storyline, thanks Square Enix, thanks a lot.