Parks and Recreation has long had a deep-seated love affair with HBO's Game of Thrones--well, Ben Wyatt has, anyway--and, thankfully, it doesn't look like that's going to end any time soon. In a new interview with Time Out New York, series star and overall amazing human being Amy Poehler (who has previously said she loves all of the nudity in Game of Thrones) was asked to, hypothetically, cast the hit HBO series with Parks and Rec characters. Her answers are nothing short of amazing:

Time Out New York: So if the cast of Parks and Rec were dropped into Game of Thrones, who would be whom?
Amy Poehler: Well, come on, I would be Khaleesi [Daenerys Targaryen], of course. Ben would probably be Jon Snow, because he’s so tormented. Ron would be Stannis Baratheon.

Time Out New York: And Tammy 2 would be his Melisandre.
Amy Poehler: Yes! And Tom would be… Uh oh, I hate to break it to Aziz [Ansari], but Tom would be, like, Theon Greyjoy, which is not good right now. Ann would be Sansa, April would be Arya, and Andy would be one of the dragons. [Laughs]

The Tumblr blog A Storm of Swansons already has the crossover art.

This is a glorious thing. Now, let us relive this wonderful scene:

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[via Time Out New York]