Prior to the beginning of the summer, there was so much talk of how New York City and the rest of the East Cost would be blanketed and severely disturbed by rampant cicada mating before they fulfilled their 17 years of hiding and passed on. Well, they're nowhere to be found, at least not in New York City. 

“People are disappointed, because the cicadas just aren’t everywhere,” University of Connecticut biologist Chris M. Simon told the New York Times. This certainly isn't the end of the world, but so much was made of this "Great Cicada Invasion," that anything less seems like a let down. 

There have been Brood ll sightings in Staten IslandLong Island and parts of the upper Hudson Valley, but that's but that's largely been the extent of their appearances, especially since their fun (and life cycle) is essentially over now. All in all, it's proven to be much ado about nothing.

[via Gothamist and New York Times]