Dying in The Last of Us is just as visceral an experience as the rest of the game.

Never a quick shot to the head; death scenes play out as slow choke-outs and gooey knife sticks to the gut or throat, or worst yet the goddamn surprise knife in the back will have you sneaking around everywhere.

Death scenes can come on all the sudden, once an infected is on you, you're done. Fade to black.  Joel gets axed, smashed in the face, has his neck snapped, but worse still is watching the messed-up ways Ellie, a fourteen year old girl, die in some horribly graphic scenes. Yeah, this one's not for the lunch hour.

The folks over at Machinima put together this video of 20 of the most horribly gruesome ways to die but we're sure there's more. There are some spoilers for late game events, consider yourself warned.

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