Most ambitious people love nothing more than a healthy dose of competition. Working with a few other interns can drive your will to succeed and provide you with some great lifelong contacts. At the very least, you'll have people to suffer in the trenches with you. If there are more interns than chairs in the break room, however, that's a red flag. An ethical company will only hire as many interns as they can provide meaningful career experiences. If there are more than a few interns buzzing around the office, the powers that be might be looking for free labor or sexy office scenery more than they are cultivating apprentices and proteges. Even if the company is on the up and up, ask yourself if an environment where you come in everyday and fight with a dozen other hungry novices for meaningful work experience is going to help you reach your long term goals. We've all heard of too many cooks in the kitchen; there is also such a thing as too many interns in an office.