Interning sucks. Just to be able to afford the experience, you have to save up money, work a night job, or rely on parental subsidies. Once you do land the coveted position of unpaid bitch work coordinator, you have all the responsibilities, but none of the prestige or payment of actually working there.

Don't get us wrong, interning can be a great experience, and many fields are almost impossible to break into without spending an unpaid summer getting your foot in the door. But not all internships are created equal. Many internships will only help your resume insofar as the look of pity you get from the Starbucks manager when you list your internship under "relevant experience." There has been plenty of backlash against the current internship model, but if the horror stories don't dissuade you from indentured servitude, just be on guard for the possibility that the only door your unpaid job is going to open leads straight back to LinkedIn. Here are 10 Signs Your Summer Internship Isn't Going to Get You Anywhere.